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Amé Tamu Flournoy: This is your journey, no one else's.

Amé Tamu Flournoy: This is your journey, no one else's.

One of the best parts about running a company serving jiu-jitsu players is the incredible stories we hear from our customers.

We love Amé's story because of her fearless journey that led her to her blue belt in BJJ.

Gold BJJ- Amé Tamu Flournoy

Amé Tamu Flournoy

Los Angeles, CA. Blue Belt.

Why did you first get into jiu-jitsu?

My interest in Jiu-Jitsu stemmed from my interest in self defense. I wanted to make sure if a fight ever got to the ground, I'd be as safe as possible there. After I finished the women's program at Gracie (Women Empowered), I decided to challenge myself in bjj competition and that's when I started my sports jiu-jitsu journey at CMMA.

What has been the biggest obstacle in your journey and how have you overcome it?

I find that I can be my biggest obstacle. It's my tendency to overthink bjj concepts that cause me to second guess myself and slow down my growth in bjj. I feel by taking more calculated risks, concepts are now starting to stick because I'm less scared to try something new. But of course, I'm a work in progress!

Tell us about your best (or worst) submission story.

Tricky multidimensional submissions kill me! Lol! Those submissions where first they're after my arm, then bam! they got me in a triangle! Much respect for the triple threat submission hunters out there. I'll be joining the ranks soon!

Gold BJJ- Amé Tamu Flournoy

Share one piece of advice you have for our community.

The one piece of advise I have for our bjj community is to keep showing up to class with an open mind, ready to learn that days concept and be patient with your own progress. This is your journey, no one else's.

You can find Amé on Instagram at @dollface_and_cookie.