Katrina Vanhuss: Age is a number. Movement begets movement.

One of the best parts about running a company serving jiu-jitsu players is the incredible stories we hear from our customers.

We love Katrina's story because of her incredible will to compete (and win!) against much younger athletes.

Gold BJJ- Karina VanHuss

Katrina VanHuss

Mechanicsville, VA. White Belt.

Why did you first get into jiu-jitsu?

About three years ago I told my son I would do anything with him he wanted on Wednesday nights, as a way to spend time together. I knew he'd pick a local sand volleyball league and we'd play doubles together, because that is our sport. We've played state or national level volleyball. But no. Twas not to be. He said "Mom, I want you to join me at jui jitsu on Wednesdays." Hmmm, I thought. Sounds pretty. Then, I was 52 years old. I started fairly lackadaisically, just wanting to spend time with him. Then, one day, I actually submitted someone. I liked it. I found a new gym and while I am still a white belt, I am becoming more proficient every time I workout. At 55 years old, I am far and away the oldest person at my gym, Revolution BJJ in Richmond VA, but they treat me like gold. I find that I am able to get a better workout than in volleyball, and lost mobility in my shoulders and knees is coming back. My core strength is also the best it has ever been. Core strength and mobility is what any aging athlete wants. A couple months ago I competed for the first time and came in 2nd in my division. I have a picture of me after that win (uploaded)…and it looks like I lost and was near death (even though my arm is in the air) and that the other player didn't sweat but instead just got her hair done. I'm hooked. Bring on the 22 year olds!!

What has been the biggest obstacle in your journey, and how have you overcome it?

Work and travel. I show when I can. That has to be good enough.

Tell us about your best (or worst) submission story.

My first competition - above. Thought I would die. Then I won!

Share one piece of advice you have for our community.

Age is a number. Movement begets movement.

You can  find Katrina on Instagram at @katrinaaldersonvanhuss