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Dez McDonald: Never Quit, and Never Get Frustrated

Dez McDonald: Never Quit, and Never Get Frustrated

One of the best parts about running a company serving jiu-jitsu players is the incredible stories we hear from our customers.

We love Dez' story because of his commitment to hard work and humility. Keep an eye out for Dez on the BJJ and MMA circuit!


Dez McDonald

Philadelphia, PA. Brown Belt.

Why did you first get into jiu-jitsu?

I went to school to become a federal agent. I joined to learn self defense. Ever since I started I learned so much about myself that I focused on learning Jiu Jitsu full time and started fighting in mma to learn as much as I could. I am still learning and I know that this journey is forever.

What has been the biggest obstacle in your journey and how have you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle is losing in matches that I knew that I could win. You should never doubt your abilities and always trust in your training.

Tell us about your best (or worst) submission story.

My first EBI rules match was on a bigger stage than I was use to and I was trying to finish an Americana from guard. I never go for that submission in a tournament but focused so hard on that submission that I forgot about transitioning to another submission that was wide open. You live and learn and since that day I've been working on transitioning more.

Share one piece of advice you have for our community.

Never quit and never get frustrated. As long as you continue to work hard...everything will work out!

You can find Dez on Instagram at @Stikman_dez.