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Tricia Cooper: I have found so much growth in so little time.

One of the best parts about running a company serving jiu-jitsu players is the incredible stories we hear from our customers.

We love Tricia's story because of her fresh and encouraging way to start a bright BJJ journey. 

Gold BJJ- Tricia Cooper

Tricia Cooper

White Belt

Why did you first get into jiu-jitsu?

I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone...and let's be honest, it is so cool to say you do BJJ!

What has been the biggest obstacle in your journey, and how have you overcome it?

I've only been training for 2 months so my obstacles are an every class kind of thing... first, it was getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, second, to stop expecting perfection, and last, being on with not knowing what to do!

Tell us about your best (or worst) submission story.

I'm still a brand new white belt so I get submitted every training session! With that said, at my last open mat, I submitted my rolling partner with an arm bar for the first time, that was pretty awesome!

Share one piece of advice you have for our community.

Try anything outside your comfort zone... whether it is BJJ or another art. Outside my comfort zone is where I have found so much growth in so little time.

You can find Tricia on Instagram at @Triciacooper84.