Have you always wanted to try Gold BJJ gear, but found our brand incompatible with your never ending desire for silver medals?

Well, now you can! Take 10% off of your order with code BTEAM10.

Here are some 2nd place athlete favorites...

Gatame Backpack

More than enough room to hold 4 silver medals.

Perfect for sweeping second place in your weight class and absolute, gi and no gi.

Foundation Rash Guard

Available in all belt ranks, short and long sleeve.

Fully IBJJF legal, thoroughly battle tested on the second tallest podium at No Gi Worlds.

Pacific Shorts

The ultimate no-gi shorts.

Just the right amount of stretch, no annoying and useless giant velcro patch.

Camo Rash Guard

Also available in all belt ranks and multiple sleeve lengths.

Perfect for blending into the crowd after a disappointing finals match.

Sub Soap Body Wash

If you're not going to win, at least smell good while you're doing it.

Our body wash is made in the USA and packed with tea tree oil for a refreshing post training cleanse.

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