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The 11 Best Jiu Jitsu Gyms in Austin, Texas

As the “Live Music Capital of the World”, Austin, Texas is known for its energetic live-music scene, with street performers and renowned musicians playing side by side. The nightlife and Michelin-starred restaurants are only one side of the spectrum – the other is its thriving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community.

The thrill and excitement of BJJ brings life to a lot of people in Austin, especially those who loves to join competitions. It’s the same with people who want to change their lifestyle and improve their overall health. BJJ is one of the most creative and exciting way to get in shape and lose weight.

If you want to add a new dimension to your experience and change your life during the process, here is a list of the finest BJJ academies in Austin, Texas.

1. B Team

Strength, Discipline, and Confidence – This is the foundation of the B Team and the traits that they want to instill in their students. The team believes that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should be a way of life and not just a past time or a hobby.

They combined wrestling and submission grappling to innovate and improve the skills of their students for competitions. Using a unique style of teaching, they can also help you achieve your fitness goals in an ego-free and safe environment.

  • (512) 814-0800
  • 1701 W. Ben White Blvd, Ste 163 Austin, TX 78704

Find them on Instagram @bteamjj

2. Renzo Gracie Austin

As one of the top-rated Jiu Jitsu academies in Austin, Texas, Renzo Gracie Austin offers a systematic approach with their training programs. They have professional Jiu Jitsu instructors that will guide you if you want to go pro and you will train at a private facility at Roka to further improve your skills.

They have 4 classes for kids ranging from ages 3 to 13. For adults, they offer classes for all levels. Whether you just want to try Jiu Jitsu for health and recreational purposes or you want to compete and go up the ranks, they have everything that you need.

You can sign up for their trial class to see how they conduct classes and to meet the professional instructors.

  • (512) 718-4183
  • 4631 Airport Blvd., STE 114 Austin, TX. 78751

Find them on Instagram @renzo_gracie_austin

3. Paragon

Founded in 1998, it is a renowned academy with a rich history. With decades of experience, it has offered instructions and training programs to various students in the area. It provides training for all ages and experience levels, from kids' programs to competitive training.

Paragon has always focused on technique, achievement, and creating a welcoming atmosphere. They want to empower their students on and off the mat. If you're interested, you can check out their free trial class.

  • (512) 909-5200
  • 6800 W Gate Blvd Ste 116 Austin, TX 78745

Find them on Instagram @paragonjjaustin

4. Atos Austin

Atos Austin is all about fun and excitement. They make sure that the students learn and harvest the benefits of Jiu Jitsu, while keeping everything interesting. You don’t need to endure the boring gym workouts just to keep your body healthy.

The studio offers different classes for kids and adults. There’s a specific class for those who want to try Gi and No Gi and there are private lessons as well if you want a more targeted approach. To try their programs, you can schedule for a free class.

  • (737) 358-5179
  • 11701 Bee Caves Rd Ste 110 Austin, TX 78738

Find them on Instagram @atosaustin

Other Austin Jiu Jitsu Gyms Worth Trying

The ones mentioned above are the cream of the crop when it comes to Jiu Jitsu, but they are not the only top-rated gyms and academies in Austin. Here are some of them:

1. Gracie Humaita Austin

2. Onnit Gym

3. Jean Jacques Machado

4. Vow

5. Gracie Barra Austin

6. Mario Esfiha

7. Six Blades