Finger Tape

  • PROTECT YOUR FINGERS! Gold BJJ's finger tape is the ideal protection for jiu jitsu players and athletes looking for the ultimate finger protection.
  • PREMIUM, STRONG ADHESIVE! Our tape is made from premium adhesive that won't let you down when you need it.
  • EXTRA LONG 10 YARD ROLLS! There's nothing worse than taping your hands for a few training sessions and realizing you've already used up the whole roll. Our BJJ tape comes in extra long 10 yard rolls for maximum use.
  • SWEAT RESISTANT! Other athletic tapes come loose when you sweat - not ours. Gold BJJ tape will stay put during the toughest of matches.
  • VERSATILE 1/2" THICKNESS! Traditional finger tapes can be too wide or too narrow. We built our tape with athletes in mind: 1/2" thick allows for taping of fingers, wrists, and more.