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The 14 Best Jiu Jitsu Gyms in Las Vegas

We all know about "The Entertainment Capital of the World" and its extravagant buffets, restaurants, and high-end shopping areas. Las Vegas is one of the most bustling cities in the United States.

But behind all this entertainment is a small community that focuses on discipline and self-improvement. The BJJ scene in Las Vegas is as good as the other cities in the United States, and there are many academies around the area that can help you build a solid foundation and improve your skills.

1. Gracie Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas

Looking for modern facilities and a comprehensive training program? Gracie Las Vegas has you covered! They offer a wide range of training programs that would fit your preference, such as Self-defense, No-Gi classes, a Kids Program, Private classes, and more.

Before you get a membership, make sure that you take advantage of their free trial. Go in and see for yourself how they train their students. Call them, and they will schedule your free class.

  • (702) 214-6414
  • 5243 W Charleston Blvd Ste D Las Vegas, NV 89146

Find them on Instagram @gracielasvegas

2. Sim Go Academy

Sim Go Academy is all about safe and fun training. They won't kill you on your first day, so it’s worth the shot. Kidding aside, they have different instructors depending on the program that you want to attend. Simpson Go and his team are accomplished individuals, so you can expect that they can impart techniques that you can use in competitions and for self-defense.

Their adult programs provide many benefits, such as weight loss, stress relief, self-defense, and more. The kids' program, on the other hand, can improve coordination, build discipline and confidence, and make more friends.

  • (725) 243-4873
  • 7060 W Sunset Rd Ste 110 Las Vegas, NV 89113

Find them on Instagram

3. Cobrinha

At Cobrinha, the skills and techniques only make up a small part of the learning. The biggest benefit would be the improvement in your mental and physical skills to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're just here to get fit or you want to compete at the highest level, they have all the training programs to help you succeed.

Check out the martial arts programs that they offer. There is a BJJ program for both kids and adults, and you can also try submission grappling. Kid's and adult boxing is also available, as is women’s self-defense.

  • (702) 527-5122
  • 7310 Smoke Ranch Rd Las Vegas, NV 89128

Find them on Instagram @cobrinhabjjlv

4. Sergio Penha

For over 40 years, Sergio Penha has dedicated his life to teaching a Jiu Jitsu style that can accommodate all students as well as their different abilities. As a black belt in Jiu Jitsu himself, Sergio helped more than 25 students to reach the same heights. If you want to improve and be at the top, they will help support you throughout your journey.

If you have no idea where to begin, you can check out their free trial class. This would help you gauge the skills of the instructors and figure out what class you should enroll in.

  • (702) 908-9997
  • 3904 Schiff Dr Las Vegas, NV 89103

Find them on Instagram @sergiopenha_bjj

Other Las Vegas Jiu Jitsu Gyms Worth Trying

The academies mentioned above are the best of the best, but if you need more choices, the list below is the next best thing in Las Vegas.

1. Atos

2. Las Vegas Jiu Jitsu

3. 10th Planet

4. Zenith

5. Syndicate

6. Agan Jiu Jitsu


8. Carlson Gracie

9. Engle Jiu Jitsu

10. Ribeiro