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3 Features Every Jiu Jitsu Bag Needs

BJJ Training Bag

Finding the best Jiu Jitsu bag is easier said than done.

The market is flooded with options and each one aims to deliver something special when it comes to its features. Instead of guessing as to what will work and what will not, it's smarter to focus on features that matter.

1) Zip Pockets

The pockets are an essential component when it comes to finding a good jiu jitsu bag. You cannot walk around with something that is difficult to manage or isn't going to provide enough space for your items.

There are several things to carry at any given point in the day; especially if you're training before or after work and need to carry your phone, wallet, keys and keep them separate from areas with moisture.

It goes without saying that zip pockets just help with overall organization which is what a lot of people love about our backpack.

You want pockets that allow you to separate each item based on how it is going to be used. For example, a person may want to keep their wraps in one part while keeping their clothes in another. Having zip pockets keeps things simple and organized.

2) Non Abrasive Materials

The material or fabric is an important feature to keep in mind as with any gym bag because most of the time, you want something durable on the exterior. It’s also important to consider what the interior material is like in each compartment.

A good backpack should have a non abrasive interior fabric and better yet, a designated soft interior for the area where your cell phone, glasses and valuables are stored.

3) Waterproof Pouch or Pocket

Sweat and water will always be present when it comes to a Jiu Jitsu bag. This means it's important to go with a bag or BJJ training backpack that has a waterproof compartment for dirty or moist gis, rash guards, shorts and more. Both our backpack and duffel bag have a fully waterproof pocket to stash sweaty gear in.

This will not only make sure that the bag doesn’t absorb a lot of the moisture but ensures that the items in other compartments or pockets will not be exposed to that same water or moisture and get damaged.

There are tons of BJJ bags or backpacks on the market with many different features but these are some of the most important to look for when buying one.

With these in mind, you’ll not only end up with a great training bag but also the new bag is going to deliver wonderful results and improve the quality of your routine.