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How to Tie Your Jiu Jitsu Belt (In Less Than 60 Seconds)

Do your belt tying skills make it look like you have a floppy noodle wrapped around your waist in Jiu Jitsu class? Learn how to tie your belt the right way, so you look great and feel great on the mats.

The Easiest Way to Tie Your Jiu Jitsu Belt

This clip from Jedi Does Jiujitsu is a no-fluff, straight to the point demo on how to tie your Jiu Jitsu belt with the most common method:

Why Should You Care About How Your Belt is Tied?

You might be asking yourself, "cmon does this stuff really matter?" Well, not really. But how you do anything is how you do everything. If you show up to the mats with a sloppy belt, it's not a good indicator you're going to be taking your BJJ practice seriously.

There are also practical concerns. A loose belt will be easier for your opponent to grab if they want to implement techniques like lapel guard or Tarikoplatas. Poorly tied belts will fall off more often in training, resulting in lots of annoying downtime for you and your training partners.

Other Ways to Tie Your Jiu Jitsu Belt

The method above is not the only way to tie your belt. There are a bunch of other ways you can tie your belt, but there is only one alternative we really feel is worth covering: the super lock.

The Super Lock Belt Tie

Professor Marcelo Bonança, from Gracie Barra Sainte Anne de Bellevue, demonstrates another common way to tie your belt. The Super Lock is very secure.

Whichever method you choose, practice a few times at home so you can take your time and really get a tight, secure belt fit. Your training partners and coaches will thank you!