Battle Tape

It's no secret that many of the top professional athletes are now using kinesiology tape to support their muscles and joints (you might have seen Tiger Woods decked out in it during his recent PGA Tour win).

Up until now, martial artists haven't had a kinesiology tape designed specifically for grappling. We created Battle Tape to withstand sparring and hold up to the flexibility put into play while training. Battle Tape is the perfect kinesiology tape for jiu jitsu. 

  • 20 Convenient precut strips
  • Strong adhesive, with extra stretch
  • Fast, easy application (just remove the adhesive backing and apply)
  • Provides support and relief to muscles and joints

We tested several adhesive and stretch blends and developed the perfect formula for jiu jitsu practitioners. We're confident it will provide the support your muscles and joints need to stay on the mats.