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How to Hang a Heavy Bag for Boxing

Want to step up your striking game? Then you can't beat a good heavy bag workout!

We used to sell a heavy bag back in 2020-2022, but it's been discontinued. If you need to buy a heavy bag, check out this list of the best heavy bags.

Once you've got your heavy bag ready you'll have to know how to hang it, and this process isn't always so easy. Most heavy bags have attached D-ring straps, for easy hanging on your preferred mounting system with either straps or chains.

We recommend hanging your bag with a nylon strap and carabiner rather than chains. You might be see lots of heavy bags that hang from chains in ads, but you don't see chains in most professional gyms. Chains cause metal-on-metal friction that will degrade your bag. It's a lot more expensive to replace a bag's straps than it is to pick up a new carabiner. Plus, they are noisy - your neighbors will thank you for using a strap hanging system.

Follow these 3 quick steps, and you'll have your heavy bag hanging and ready to punch.

Step 1: Attach Nylon Strap to D-Rings

Thread your nylon strap through the D-Rings at the top of your heavy bag.

There are plenty of cheap rock climbing ropes called "prusiks" that are available in a variety of short lengths and are rated to hold extremely heavy loads. This is a very affordable option.

Step 2: Attach Carabiner

Attach the carabiner to both ends of the nylon strap.

For extra length (to hang your bag lower), you can loop the one end of the nylon strap through the other, and attach the carabiner only to the reinforced end of the nylon strap.

Again, we recommend using a heavy-load rated rock climbing carabiner like this one.

Step 3: Hang Heavy Bag From Mount

Attach the carabiner to the mounting system of your choice.

We recommend a wall mount with as much clearance as possible, so you can work around the bag in a full 360 degree range. There are tons of different heavy bag mounts though, anything that is rated to hold a 100lb bag will work just fine.

Now get to work, and have fun! Don't forget to pick up some Jiu Jitsu gis and no-gi gear so you can work on your ground game as well 🤙