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Learn How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

So you just picked up some new boxing hand wraps, but how do you properly wrap your hands? We brought in boxing coaching and fighter Daniel Alvarado to show us his favorite method of wrapping your hands for boxing or Muay Thai.

Step 1: Hook and Loop the Thumb

Place your thumb inside the hand wrap's thumb loop. Take note of the THIS SIDE DOWN label to make sure you are wrapping with the correct side of the hand wrap.

Step 2: Wrap Your Wrists

Wrap your wrists 4 times around. Make sure not to twist the hand wrap.

Step 3: Isolate The Wrist

The goal here is to secure the wrist in order to avoid injuries, do this by isolating the wrist so that it's not able to move up or down.

Step 4: Secure The Thumb

Wrap around the thumb once.

Step 5: Wrapping Your Fingers

Wrap in between your fingers, while making sure that the hand wrap does not sag down towards your thumb.

Step 6: Protecting Your Fists

Protect your fist by fully wrapping it three times.

Step 7: Second Wrap On Thumb

Add a second layer of protection to your thumb by wrapping it once more, before moving back down to the wrist.

Step 8:

Wrap two times around the base of your wrist in order to further secure your wrist. At this point you should still have some hand wrap left over.

Feel free to wrap around the wrist and move as high as you'd like. Remember that the higher you wrap, the easier it will be to put on your boxing gloves on.

Step 9: Close The Wrap

You're done! Simply attach the hook and loop velcro ends together.

While there are plenty of ways to wrap your hands, you can't go wrong with this "fighter's favorite" method. Want to pick up the Gold BJJ Hand Wraps used in this guide? Check them out here.